Mediation in the purchase and sale of real estate

Real estate brokerage is one of the most common services offered in the real estate sector, where a real estate agent acts as an intermediary between a seller and a buyer in a real estate transaction.

A broker, or real estate agent, has deep knowledge of the real estate market, prices, trends and legal aspects of buying and selling real estate. He also helps the seller in assessing the value of the property and finding a buyer for the property. It provides buyers with information about available properties that meet their requirements, helps them negotiate the price and terms of sale, and helps them implement legal procedures.

Mediation in the purchase and sale of real estate has many advantages:

  • Real estate sellers can save time and effort because the broker takes over most of the administrative tasks and communicates with potential buyers

  • A broker has access to a large network of buyers, increasing the likelihood that the property will sell at a price that suits the seller

  • Buyers also benefit from mediation, as the mediator can assist them in finding a property that meets their requirements, in negotiating the price and terms of the sale, and in implementing legal procedures

Real estate brokerage is a useful and often necessary process for selling or buying real estate. An experienced broker can save time and effort in the sales process and help the buyer find a property that fits their needs and budget.

Mediation in the purchase and sale of real estate is the basic task of the Starling nekretnine agency – if you are looking for your future property or selling an existing one, our agents are at your disposal to facilitate the process and save you unnecessary worries and stress. The professional team of our real estate agency will familiarize you with all the steps in buying and selling real estate at the very first meeting, in order to facilitate the administrative and operational processes that follow.