About us

After many successful years in the real estate business, while hosting different environments, we decided to offer the Croatian market a new approach when it comes to buying and selling real estate while being based on the principles of business excellence of the developed western market.

As real estate trading could be a very challenging playground we dedicate our time and mission to make this whole process as stress free and smooth as possible. While considering all the risks our clients are facing during the process of trading and buying, with our dedicated and professional service we offer a simple, yet strategic implementation of steps during the whole process.

Starling Real Estate operates in Zagreb and Poreč. Zagreb stands as one of the most interesting urban centers when it comes to real estate, and with our team of experts works every day on the acquisition, potential assessment, and analysis of new real estate in Zagreb and the surrounding area, which you can find in our portfolio.

In the last five years, Istria has seen significant tourism and economic growth, so we want to support this interesting region with an innovative and dedicated approach to the real estate business.


Our goal is to be sincere allies to our buyers and sellers of real estate, which through mediation ensures the highest professional business standards.
Our team is at the full disposal of investors when it comes to business and legal advice, as well as interior design. Honoring that, we would want to pass on our previous expertise and acquired knowledge to new generations and our clients.


We are aiming for the title of the most successful and recognizable agency in the Republic of Croatia when it comes down to the criteria of clients satisfaction, speed of transaction realization, transparency of professional business principles


We believe that our clients trust is a prerequisite for successful business. In their daily work, our agents are implementing high communication standards, adhering to professional criteria and transparency..


Here in Starling, along with our team of licensed agents, our partners are at your disposal, who can advise you on a number of issues in the field of real estate.


In cooperation with our partners from the company Nord, we provide credit counseling and mediation services. Our partners have many years of experience in credit mediation, and we can offer you credit options from several banks, from which you can choose the one that best suits your creditworthiness and lifestyle.
We are also at your disposal when collecting and processing all the necessary documentation to save you valuable time.


Buying and selling real estate is a process that includes a number of administrative steps, as well as possible legal doubts on the part of the seller and the buyer, which at Starling real estate we resolve very quickly.