Intermediation in lending

Lending mediation is a service that real estate agencies offer their clients to help them find the best credit solution for buying real estate. A credit mediation service provided by a real estate agency that allows clients to compare and choose the credit option that best suits their financial needs. Through lending mediation, real estate agencies help their clients in the lending process from beginning to end, from analyzing financial possibilities to finalizing the loan arrangement.

In order for the lending mediation service to be successful, real estate agencies must have staff who have knowledge of lending and financial markets. That is why the Starling real estate agency has joined forces with expert credit brokers, with whom we provide credit counseling and mediation services to clients.

Our partners have many years of experience in credit mediation, which is why we can offer you credit options with different banks, from which you will be able to choose the one that best suits your creditworthiness and lifestyle. In addition, we are at your disposal when collecting and processing all the necessary documentation, so that you can save more time.